Monday, 15 October 2012

Heading beyond China's Firewall

We are heading to China tomorrow morning by train, arriving in Beijing Friday afternoon, just at the madness that promises to be the big Chinese autumn holiday (Golden Week).

We will try to update via email but we will only be able to upload one photo per post.

The plan is to pitch up in Vietnam just before Christmas, but are hopeful we will be able to communicate somehow,but Facebook and Twitter seem that they will be out of the question (unless the Chinese authorities have a radical change of heart over the next 3 months!).

Suffice to say, we are having an amazing time, we have loved seeing so much of Russia although it still doesn't seem as if we have scratched the surface of that complicated and contradictory country and people (who continue to confound and confuse us, but to whom we increasingly warmed).

Despite some of our comments, we met some of the most hospitable people in Russia and through them we have learned so much about their fascinating and expansive country.

Mongolia has been another world.  We both fell in love with both the country and the people.  We will not forget this visit for a long time, and would love to return to explore more of this amazing country which to us seems only to be starting to emerge from it's communist years.

Thank you for reading.  It's great to keep in touch and all your feedback is greatly appreciated. It's amazing having such an incredible adventure and it's been great to keep in touch with everyone from such isolated places such as Siberia and Mongolia!

Will check back in as soon as we can.



  1. what can i say sounds like your having a great time..been good reading about it hope there is loads to come..well be safe paul and dawn have a good time in china

  2. Reading about your adventures became a MUST before bed time ;) I hope you will manage to find a place to conect with www and keep updating as I will not be able to sleap without it :)
    Good Luck on your travels!!!

  3. Thanks Guys - we have a window of opportunity to communicate properly in China (our hostel has a VPN which is all a bit technical but it means China doesn't know we're in China!).

    Vince - Paul says I'm sending you to sleep with my drivel. I don't care as long as it's helping with your insomnia! :-)